StoryQuest offers a range of experiential workshops

   Our workshops are designed to resolve old pain and trauma and help you access your most flexible, joyful, and loving self!    

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As adults with painful pasts, we want to give our children something better. We do not want to hand down old painful roles and expectations. 

Join us for BREAK THE CHAIN; an experiential workshop for parents and parents-to-be to BREAK THE CHAIN of inter-generational family trauma.  

Tuesday, November 12th & Wednesday, November 13th 2019 08:30AM - 5:00PM

GTM Research Reserve 

              505 Guana River Road               

                Ponte Vedra, FL 32082                

  (904) 823-4500  


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Menu of our different workshops

Bring SQ to your organization for training. We can create specialized workshops for your particular needs.

Advanced Resiliency Training


For professionals in healthcare, social-service and other settings that involve challenging person-to-person interactions



For parents and parents-to-be;  break the chain of inter-generational family trauma!

here's what previous StoryQuest participants are saying:

“This surpassed my expectations.”


“Dr. Gross said ‘this will stir stuff up’ and it definitely did. I am moved and feel like I will be better at helping clients…I would highly recommend this training to all therapists and social workers. I’m currently in an MSW program and this is what I’ve been searching for in my courses.”


"This was an inspiring process… It stretches you and makes you more aware of yourself.”


“I’m so fortunate to participate in this unique training. I’ve been raving about my experience to family and friends.”


“This workshop was very eye-opening and heartwarming. I love the nature walk and the opportunity to be in a room with others who are brave enough to share their stories. What I learned I will take with me and apply it to my everyday life and professional life.”


“Exceptional. Jonathan’s direction towards the message and guiding focus was excellent!! Erin is a light of love, joy, and tenderness. What a team! AyoLane’s insights, spirit, natural wisdom, and experiential input was the perfect third to create a living breathing experience.”


“I felt loved, taken care of, and safe…!”


“This experience was F-ing amazing, big kudos to all involved.”


“Dr. Gross’ presentation style was so welcoming and engaging. Erin was a great complement. Bringing in the naturalistic part of this was [a] great addition and helps the process. Activities were meaningful and on point.”


“Eye-opening experience… very valuable experience!”


“This experience was at the perfect time in my life. I stay away from experiential opportunities but I felt safe in this experience. Thank you! Your genuine and authentic spirits allowed for my healing. I’m grateful.”


“… the process is incredible and I will recommend it to everyone. You guys are amazing!.”


"This is the most amazing hands-on experience I've attended!"


The 3 themes that make up storyquest workshops:

Discover Your Hero's Journey!

Your greatest challenges are powerful teachers.  

Tell Your Stories!

Recall, know, and feel your stories. 


To self, others, and surroundings. 


Start your Story Collection! (pdf)



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Our staff

Jonathan Gross, Psy.D.


Founder- StoryQuest Workshops

Dr. Gross is a fellowship trained neuropsychologist and licensed psychologist. Since 2014 he has offered experiential workshops that have helped numerous people resolve past pain and trauma and increase their joy, resiliency, and ability to love-from-the-heart through autobiographical story-telling. Participants in his workshops report deep transformation in their capacity to manage life’s challenges, particularly in areas most burdened by the emotional past. 

Erin Pruett, LMHC


Licensed Mental Health Counselor


Erin Pruett is the Survivor Advocate Program Coordinator at Rethreaded. She has trained and worked extensively with women who have experienced sex trafficking. In March 2018 she attended one of our StoryQuest workshops. Her goals were to continue in her own personal journey and also learn how to incorporate experiential training into therapeutic work. Her experience with StoryQuest became the catalyst for personal and professional transformation. The workshop ignited a desire to receive additional training and acted as confirmation of her future goals.


Lauren Miller


SQ Project Manager

Lauren was born in Jacksonville, Florida and moved all over the world with her family while her father served in the military. She graduated from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. Lauren lives in Saint Johns with her US Navy husband, their beautiful son, and 2 kitties, Ralphie and Ella.

If you have any questions, would like to sign-up for our next workshop, or would like more information about our workshops, please contact Lauren. She's always happy to help! 


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